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Meet Eddy – Christmas 2009 “Gifts Of Hope”

Meet Eddy. As a scholarship student, he is one of the fortunate few able to receive a quality education at a private high school in Guatemala City. His father was murdered 11 years ago, so he has grown up with his mother trying her best to raise him on her own. Being raised in these circumstances, Eddy is one of thousands of kids in La Limonada who is at a high risk for continuing in the path of poverty and gang violence. His main chance at breaking the cycle is in obtaining a quality education, which will give him the opportunity to secure a job with a higher salary, and the chance at a better life.

Even at a young age, Eddy realizes the value of his education at a private school and wants to gain as much out of it as possible, with the hopes of continuing on to college after high school graduation. Without his scholarship, none of this would be possible. Eddy would be among the thousands of other children from La Limonada who are in the public school system, with sub-par standards and a lax education.

This holiday season, please consider helping give a child the chance to break the cycle of poverty in his or her family. With only $100, you can provide a child with the necessary funds to provide tuition, books and the uniform to begin a new year at a private school beginning in January.

To give a secure online gift, please go to our Donation Page and choose the “Christmas – Gift Of Hope” fund. In the comments box explain how you would like your gift to be applied. As always, gifts of any amount will significantly help with these projects.

Thank you for your willingness to effect change in the ghetto of La Limonada!

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