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Meet Andi

Last year Tita contacted a Latin Link to pursue having an intern who would work with her and her team at the schools in La Limonada. After months of waiting she was contacted by the organization in February and told that her intern arrived from his home in Switzerland and was in Antigua brushing up on his Spanish and would be ready to serve in La Limonada for the next five months.

On March 20 Andi moved into Tita’s home and became part of the family. He quickly adjusted to life in the home and to the work of serving in the schools in La Limonada. He has become a close friend to Tita, Monica, Leah and Kate. Here are some things they have said about him…

  • A beautiful heart has come from Suiza to help us.
  • He takes time to sit and eat with the kids and share with them at that time. They miss him so much when he is not there.
  • He plays with them at playtime just like a little kid! He is teachable, caring, loving and takes such good care of the kids.
  • He is a good example for the young boys what a godly man is
  • He does things with excellence
  • He helps at home with anything that needs to be done.
  • He knows how to say “no” with such a grace!
  • He loves to read the Bible during his free time and play his guitar and sing.
  • He takes good care of Nathan. He shares his room with him… and they call it “the boys room”.
  • He helps with baby Grace and she loves him so much.
  • He is a good music teacher at school
  • He is a good friend to Ronald and all the teachers.
  • He seems to love pillow fights, water fights and kicking our butts at Scrabble!

Tita says, “How are we going to make it without him? He will be leaving at the end of August and we are going to miss him, but at the same time we are so thankful for the time he has been with us.

Thank you so much, Andi, for investing this time in your life in La Limonada… and thanks to Latin Link for providing Tita and her team with such a great person!

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