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$10,000 Matching Grant Update: Only $3,598 To Go

On September 10 we announced an exciting matching grant opportunity provided by the Amable Foundation in Loveland, OH. The foundation has already provided us with a grant of $10,000 to care for the children and they have challenged us to raise an additional $10,000 in new support for the Safe Home and they will match that with another grant of up to $10,000.

So far we have raised a total of $6,402. That means we are more than halfway there and need to raise $3,598 to reach our goal of $10,000.

You can be a part of making this happen by making a donation today.

When we reach the goal we will have provided a total of $30,000 of support for Mi Casita – which covers four entire months of expenses for the children we are currently serving.

To learn more about the Mi Casita Safe Home and this exciting opportunity watch the following special message from Tita and Bill:

You can take advantage of this great opportunity by clicking on the Donate link now and making a one-time or an ongoing monthly donation to support the Safe Home.

You Can Support Mi Casita Monthly:

The cumulative total of all new monthly donations given between now and December 31, 2011 will be applied to the goal of $10,000 that will be matched by the foundation.

If you are already making monthly donations to support the Safe Home you can increase your monthly donation and the increased amount will be applied to the goal as well. You can send an email to Cherie Cummings to let her know that you would like to increase your monthly support.

*The Mi Casita Safe Home provides formerly abandoned, abused and neglected children from La Limonada with full-time, around-the-clock care, unconditional love, healthy nutrition, and a nurturing support structure from dedicated caregivers in a loving home environment.

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