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Maria’s Sponsor Child

Jeremiah from Vineyard Central has been in La Limonada for the past week. When we were in Cincinnati with the VC community in August, Maria was one of the people from the church to make the commitment to sponsor a child.

Jeremiah lives in the same neighborhood as Maria and knows about her commitment to pray for the young girl she is sponsoring, so when he was in La Limonada with Tita they sought out Maria’s child. Here is an excerpt of an email Jeremiah sent to Maria from Guatemala yesterday:

So you’ll never guess who I met in La Limonada today?! [Child’s Name Withheld for HerProtection]! Tita took us to her house just to see if she came back and she was there. I told her that her sponsor was praying for her and that Tita would deliver your letter next time she goes. She was so happy about that! She asked if you could pray for her safety and for her brother. The reason they had to flee was because her 16 year old brother is in a gang and killed someone, and needed to be away for protection. Her brother is now in prison. [She] hopes to go back to school soon, but may need to remain in refuge for awhile longer in case of gang revenge. She needs your prayers now more than ever. Thanks for your support!

See you soon,


Unfortunately this type of situation is not rare among the families in La Limonada. But, it is amazing to see the redemption of the struggles they face when a child returns “home” and to “La Escuelita”.

Thank you Maria. And thank you Jeremiah.

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