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Mandarina’s First Field Trip

This morning at 5 am (still yawning) I dropped off the team of 7 from Carterville Christian Church at the airport for their flight home. They were here for a week working with us at the schools in La Limonada and they were such a huge help and blessing to all of us.

They helped with many things: an ear clinic for all the children at both schools, renovations at Escuelita Mandarina, serving in the classrooms, and providing encouraging words to the teachers at their weekly meeting. But I think something that the children will remember the most is their first field trip to Play Zone.

We took all the children from Escuelita Mandarina to Play Zone on Sunday and they had such a blast! They were talking about it all week and wondering when we’re going back. It’s very rare that these kids get to play outside… let alone outside of La Limonada.

So thank you to the Carterville team for all your help, hard work, prayers, and love this week… and especially first field trip for all the new children we are reaching through the new school.

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