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Mandarina Renovations – Almost There

The basic renovations at Escuelita Mandarina are nearing completion. With the help of some generous donors we’ve made it this far… and it looks like we’re going to be able to get the roof on in the next couple weeks before rainy season is in full swing.

We have a pledge from donors to cover the $5,000 that is needed in materials to complete the roof and to secure the building for rainy season.

There are also three workers who earn the equivalent of $60 each per week and our estimates are that all three of them will be needed for approximately eight more weeks. The total wages for the three workers over the next eight weeks is $1,440.

When the building is complete it will be able to provide food, education and mentoring for about 250 more children… and will also include a carpentry workshop where current and former gang members will have the opportunity to learn a trade so they can provide for their families with dignity.

Here are some photos of the progress on the building…

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