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Little by Little, Step by Step

She turned 28, but looks older…

…because of a very hard life, sexual abuse from childhood, pregnancy at 12 from her own father, leaving her child right after he was born. Not because she didn’t love him, but because of the meaning that child was representing…

Nevertheless, on May 23rd, the tears are running down her cheeks because of thinking where her son might be and how he is…

Her own mother sent her to different men at 6 years old…

Sexually abused by different people… one of her “husbands” killed one of their children with a machete even before he turned 1…

… story after story, tragedy after tragedy, a life of real misery. I could tell story after story from her hard life, a series of disasters, sins, immoralities. But God, our good God who has cried on her side, whose heart has been broken with hers… never stopped causing her fall in love with Him, seduce her, win her heart with His romantic, crazy and passionate love so full of compassion, grace and of course, opportunities.

Two days after her birthday, she brings flowers and a note to each of us with a grateful heart and overflowing with love. Wow, it’s so beautiful that despite everything, the love of God has consumed her hurt and broken heart bringing hope and restoration… she has learned to love… little by little, step by step.

Here is one of her notes:

Thank you for such a special birthday that I had
you know what? For almost 19 years nobody has remembered the day that I was born
and everybody here gave me a hug
you know? The date of my birthday is the saddest day of my life
and you know why? Because that day I was abused
but after so many years of hating this date
this day has become different and special
that’s why I am grateful to you
I don’t have the words and the way to pay you
But only how to be grateful to you,
Thank you, thank you very much!

Little by little, step by step.

When I see so many things that need to be done, so many people that have had or having this type of life… it seems that I am not doing anything…

But one note like this… lets me know that “little by little, step by step” God is working surely and firmly.

There are stories like that that are screaming out in the ghetto with a silent voice, crying out for help… without a voice because their rights have been taken away from them… and moreover, we see them in the streets and judge them. But, little by little, step by step, our own hearts can be changed and our ears can hear those silent voices. Little by little. Step by step.

-Written by Tita Evertsz, translated by Inna Sinkevych

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