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Lifepointe – Raleigh, NC

Last week I had the privilege of leading a team of 11 people from Lifepointe Church here in Raleigh, NC to Guatemala to serve the children and families of La Limonada. It was the culmination of about three months of planning, meetings, getting to know each other and praying together.

The focus of the team’s planning was on a program they put together for the children at Escuelita Limón that included a Bible lesson, worship, crafts and games. They also got their whole church community involved by collecting “goody bags” for each of the 350+ children at both schools in La Limonada. The bags included socks, underwear, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, pens, pencils, notepads, stickers, small toys and, of course, a little candy.

The program was a huge encouragement to the children and even the teachers, who got a break from their normal routine of teaching for the week. The kids were grateful for the “goody bags” too! It was such a joy to watch their faces as they walked out of the school building the day they had the own personal gift bag – filled with practical/much needed items and some fun stuff too!

Each team member who sponsors a child also got to meet the child(ren) in person and spend time in their home with the family. Watching them get to meet the child and family was definitely a highlight for me and our team in Guatemala! It is such an emotional experience to watch these meetings happen and the experience serves as a great reminder for us of what this is all about and why we do what we do.

The relationship that each one now shares with their child and his/her family is now even more meaningful than ever. Immediate needs were identified and some were even met before the team left at the end of the week. Their love for the children and their generosity to them and their families is such an encouragement to us.

So many other things took place this past week with this team. They took time to visit the homes of other families, they stopped along the streets with Tita to pray for people, visited the home of “Viejito” and Marcelina and Braulio and experienced God’s love in a way they never had before. They gave everything they had each day to serve and, for that, we are so grateful.

A big thanks goes out to Leah for doing what she does so well… leading the team once they hit the ground in Guatemala, coordinating the schedule each day and driving like a Guatemala City pro! She is an incredible part of our team, and we could not do all that we do without her!

This was the third team from Lifepointe we’ve hosted in the past year and another group is scheduled to be in Guatemala in early February… so stay tuned for more from this incredible church community.

We are more grateful than words could ever express for their partnership and for their love for the people of La Limonada!

You can check out the blog from the Lifepointe Team here: http://guatemalaoctober2009.blogspot.com/

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