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Lifepointe Ignited Youth Ministry 7th Grade Boys Take Action

A few weeks ago our youth ministry started a series based on a verse in the bible, James 1:27, which basically says that if you are going to take your faith seriously you need to help take care of those who can’t take care of themselves.

Now, I lead the 7th grade boys small group in this youth ministry and to be completely honest most of our time together is like herding cats, but something clicked that night. My boys really caught on to this vision of taking their faith seriously.

One of the boys in particular really felt drawn to our partnership with Lemonade International. Then it clicked. These boys rallied around helping another kid in another part of the world. The goal? To raise enough money in one month to support a student through Lemonade International for a year. I told them that was about $360, but they were determined.

So, over the next month these 5 boys got to work. They worked around their houses, cleaned cars, mowed yards, used all of their money they got for Christmas and started raising the money. During this process one of the boys’ parents saw how passionate their son had become for this cause. They wanted in. So, they said that whatever the boys raised they would match.

Once the month was up and we brought all the money together, they had ended up raising over $550 to sponsor a child in La Limonada. I was blown away. My job as their small group leader is to help teach them how to live a life that honors God…this time I was the student and they were teaching me.

AJ Viola
Lifepointe Church Site Pastor & 7th Grade Boys Small Group Leader

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