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Life Of Hope & The Carpentry Workshop

A group led by our friends from Life Of Hope in Joplin, MO spent a few days in La Limonada this week and this is what Tita had to say about the time they invested while there…

“Whenever we receive groups some people think it is more work for us, but it really helps us. It’s like carrying something heavy and someone approaches to help lessen the weight. We are doing what we know God commands us to do, but we cannot do it alone. We are a body. This week the group from Life Of Hope blessed us. They showed love to everyone in the community just as Jesus loves us. They played soccer with the boys and ate pizza with them. They went to court with us to attend the trial of a dear friend. Even though they could not understand what was being said, it made a difference. They prayed as the trial was taking place and that made a difference, You could feel God’s kingdom on earth and his justice.”

The group also put a lot of work into the Carpentry Workshop! Tools were purchased this week, the room was painted and the instructor for the workshop is ready to begin teaching the young men the basics – starting with taking proper measurements.

It is an exciting time as we begin this new endeavor. It’s something we have talked about for a long time and it is finally happening… thanks to so many who have helped along the way.

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