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Life Lessons in Yoga

For three months this late spring and summer, Lemonade International was blessed to have Gina Stickney leave her life in Philadelphia, PA for an extended trip to Guatemala to teach yoga to the children in both schools. Gina’s heart for the young ones of La Limonada has been evident for several years as she’s returned time after time for arts camp, sharing her love of yoga with the children.

Gina’s time in La Limonada went well beyond teaching yoga technique. She used that time to teach discipline and good behavior, characteristics that can be difficult to impart with the nature of the ghetto. Because breathing techniques are critical in yoga, Gina took the opportunity to teach the kids about the respiratory system and about how proper breathing can calm and relax stress.

The lessons of yoga taught invaluable life lessons to the kids who participated. The teachers have said that the students attention spans and ability to sit have improved tremendously since being in Gina’s class!

Gina’s love for La Limonada and the young hearts there is unmistakable. We were so grateful for her willingness to serve and share her life with the kids!

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