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LI and Lifepointe – Report From Our Time in La Limonada

Last week, Donnie and I joined up with five people from Lifepointe Church here in Raleigh, NC to spend the week serving in La Limonada. It was an incredible time as it always is for us in La Limonada! That place has become like a second home for us.

We were able to deliver gifts from sponsors to their children, give toys out to all the children from the people at Lifepointe, pray for all the teachers and children in each class at both schools, help with projects around the new school building and visit families in their homes and pray for them.

My favorite part of the trip was watching as three of the Lifepointe team members got to meet the child they are sponsoring! It is so incredible to watch the faces of the children and the sponsors as they get to meet in person for the first time! The kids and the families are so grateful to know that there are real people in the States that care about them and are praying for them. It is such a life-changing encouragement for them.

Another exciting thing to share…. this past Sunday we were at Lifepointe for the last of four consecutive weeks in January and the remaining 17 children were all sponsored! They went into this with the goal of getting the rest of the existing children sponsored…. and they did it!!! What an amazing partnership this has become. Thanks so much to the people of this great community of faith.

Now, we move on. There are more than 50 new children who just started attending the schools in January who don’t even have sponsor cards yet. We’ll be getting those made up soon… so there will be more kids to get sponsored. And there are renovations to be done on the new school that will help increase the enrollment from 80 to about 300!

We’ll be sharing with you in the next couple days about how you can help make these renovations happens so we can reach more children with God’s love. The journey continues….

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