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Lemonade @ NC State

Corrugated tin.
For us it’s used as a backdrop to make our presentation.
For those in La Limonada it’s called home.
I can’t help but notice the stark contrast as these 2 different worlds collide.
This week we (Bill, Cherie, myself and great friends who joined us) had the privilege of setting up in the brickyard at the NC State campus for International Week.  We will simply talk to anyone who wants to hear about this amazing work that is happening in Guatemala City and how valuable and necessary it is.
And that’s exactly what we did.
Students came asking what we were about and left asking how they could help.
Plans are being made to raise awareness, show the documentary, and talk more about trips there to help.
A very exciting thing to us.
And by us I mean everyone who supports, prays for, or even has a passing thought about La Limonada.
Everyone plays such a vital part in making this work possible.
In combining what feels like 2 different worlds, with love.

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