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Left Home Alone

Picture this, if you will: you walk past a house along a street. Three small faces peer out of a window at you, calling out greetings and playing games and with toys. The boys are young and left home alone, locked in the house as their parents are out selling food at construction sites or running errands. There is no one there to take care of them during this time, so they are completely on their own.

Now, imagine a 2 year old little girl. She is also left home, alone, and is screaming for hours because there is no one there to care for her needs. In the US, either of these situations would have interference from the police and social services. It is unimaginable in our culture that children so small and so young would be left on their own.

In the case of the three boys, several of the teachers had talked to the parents about enrolling the boys in school, but had originally been told no. However, the teachers returned a final time and were able to convince the parents to allow the boys to attend school, and not just for one session, but to come in the morning and stay through the afternoon session as well. At lunch during their first day at school last week, one of the boys exclaimed, “Wow! We get to eat again??” Such a statement from a small child is nothing short of heartbreaking. The teachers also spoke to the parents of the 2 year old girl and were able to bring her to the school during the day as well to care for her.

The sacrificial spirit of the teachers in La Limonada is incredible. They are rotating what little free time they have during the day in order to care these children. The mission of the schools in La Limonada is shown so well here. The teachers are willing to go well beyond the call of their normal duties to ensure that children in the ghetto are being loved and cared for.

This is the epitomy of sacrifice.

The three boys who were left alone playing at the school.

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