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Leah’s On Her Way to Guatemala

In preparation for being in Guatemala for all of 2009, Leah Craver is leaving for Guatemala today and will be there for most of the month of October. Since meeting Tita and spending nine days in La Limonada a little more than four years ago, Leah has spent a significant amount of time in Guatemala serving with Tita and building some amazing friendships with the people there.

On this trip she’ll be helping Tita with the day to day work in the ghetto and will be taking photos of more than a hundred children who we don’t have sponsor cards for yet. While Monica (see “The Crew” link on the Lemonade Website) is wrapping up three months here in the US, there is a real need for Tita to have support as she works tirelessly to expand the work God is doing through her and her team in La Limonada.

When Leah returns to Guatemala in January she will be sent out as the first official international servant from the States to La Limonada for Lemonade International. Her responsibilities will include being the liaison between our Stateside Team and our Guatemalan Team, hosting short-term teams serving in La Limonada from the States and keeping our child sponsors updated on what is happening in the lives of the children they are sponsoring.

Leah will be raising her support to serve in La Limonada for 2009 through Lemonade International. If you would like to support her through a one-time or a monthly donation you can do so through our online donation page* (please select Leah’s name in the “Fund” drop-down menu).

*Lemomade International is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations (including those to support Leah) are tax deductible.

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