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Labor of Love- Teachers Bonuses

It’s difficult to share just one story when it comes to the teachers. There is so much of a team, of a feeling of unity among the staff at the schools that it almost feels as if we are one being.

Each teacher comes with their own “luggage”. That is to say, each has their own past, their own history, and in some cases, they have come in pieces. But each of them has come with conviction. Conviction to serve, conviction to love, conviction to seek after the heart of God for the children of La Limonada. They are each formed and transformed as they serve.

The team works for a very low wage. The average worker in Guatemala City earns $14, while the staff at Las Escuelitas earns about $8 a day. This is work that is done by the conviction of God, not for the salary.

Even those lives that came in pieces, and some of them are still in pieces today, stay at the schools because their commitment to the children and the ministry. Many of them work well beyond their normal “working hours,” putting their entire lives into the children and families of the ghetto.

Most of them do not have an education above 6th grade. They don’t hold advanced degrees nor did they attend college. But they work for a higher purpose. They work to give the children a chance at an education they didn’t have.

This holiday season, we want to give back to them. Please consider donating $250 to give a teacher a Christmas bonus.

To give a secure online gift, please go to our Donation Page and choose the “Navidad En La Limonada” fund. In the comments box please explain how you would like your gift to be applied. As always, gifts of any amount will help significantly.

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