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Johanna Passes Away And Leaves Behind Five Children

Late Wednesday night, Johanna passed away after a battle with cancer. Over the past several weeks our team in Guatemala spent a significant amount of time with her and got very close to her and her children. They visited her daily in her final days and were able to witness a beautiful moment of forgiveness between Johanna and her mother.

In her last days she talked almost exclusively about making sure her children had food to eat. It was if she was saying,

‘I only live to earn money to feed my children, but it’s so hard for me to earn money. I have no energy to do anything else but to provide ‘daily bread’ for my children.’

Thanks to our good friends from Life Of Hope, the cost of the funeral arrangements (US$400) were completely covered.

Now our team is carrying the burden of helping to determine what is the best way to ensure Johanna’s five children are cared for. Her mother is not able to care for all of them and there are very few options. Please pray for these children and for our team as they help to make these important decisions.

The children are: Juan Luis 16, Chela 14, Sito 13, Verito 11 and Ruby 2.

It is times like this that make us realize the need for a Rescue House for children in crisis in La Limonada is very real.

– Bill Cummings

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