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It’s not enough just to talk about love…

{{I posted this on my personal blog last week, and Bill asked me to share it here as well, since all this work is personal. Since it’s all about God’s heart for this place…}}

On the norm I would say I’m a pretty joyful person. I laugh A LOT and usually pretty loudly. Just ask anyone who’s spent about 5 minutes with me. There’s not much I can’t find some type of joy in…but some days, like today, it just feels like too much. The burden deep in my heart for this community…

Today Tita and I were painting in Mandarina, putting the finishing coat on to protect the beautiful mural; a lot of the time we were painting in silence, thinking…praying…interceding for this community. I was thinking of all the children that I love so very deeply here, and how lately I feel like more and more that light in their soul that I once saw is dimming, or even burning out. The injustice here, for these children at times is so overwhelming, almost crippling to even think about. The years and cycles of abuse that they endure because their parents endured it, because their grandparents endured it…sometimes I just get so angry that this is what they have to grow up in, it’s so unfair for them. They didn’t choose this kind of life, but they have to endure so much pain.
You won’t often hear me say “God said this or that to me” because I believe he speaks to me softly, but today this conversation with him was just to overpowering for me not to write it down…

“God DO something about this injustice. I know you can!”

“I am.
You are my hands and feet.”

“Rescue these children, protect them, redeem the light in their souls from what they’ve already been through, it’s so painful to watch. I want to be able to do more, I just can’t.”

“You have NO idea of the eternal impact that is happening there.
TRUST that I feel this pain.
TRUST that I have a plan.
TRUST that it’s worth what I have called your life to.”

I am painfully and humbly reminded that I may never see the full impact of what God is doing in La Limonada, of what he is using us for, but I do TRUST him. Even in days that feel so unjust for this community. I know there are many that have come here, felt the burden for this community, left a part of their heart here, and continue to pray for those here. So in knowing that, that’s what I’m asking for…it’s the most powerful thing you could do.

“Let us not become weary in doing good,
for at the proper time we will reap
a harvest if we do not give up.”
gal. 6:9

A theme verse for my life…

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