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Introducing… TEN2END

Now there is a way almost everyone can get involved in our work among the urban poor in Guatemala City.

Introducing… TEN2END.

We’re inviting everyone to…

  • Set aside TEN minutes a week to pray for the people of La Limonada
  • Give TEN dollars a month to help the Lemonade Int’l team END poverty… injustice… hunger… hopelessness… and despair in La Limonada
  • Invite TEN friends to join our Facebook Cause and to be a part of TEN2END

As a tangible step in your commitment to help END poverty in La Limonada go to www.TEN2END.org and click on “I Want To Help”… and give a recurring monthly donation of TEN dollars starting today.

Help make a little bit go a long way… www.TEN2END.org

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