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Introducing Our New Stateside Interns

We’re excited to introduce two new interns who have begun working with us as part of our stateside team.

Alejandra Urdaneta and Lindsay Roth are both students at North Carolina State University here in Raleigh, NC and both are bilingual so they will be a tremendous help with translation of sponsor letters and other documents. They will also provide administrative support and will help with special projects. We’re grateful to welcome these two energetic and passionate interns to our team.


Hey there! My name is Alejandra Urdaneta. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and I just recently moved to Raleigh in order to pursue a Biomedical Engineering major and hopefully one day a medical career.

I’m part Cuban, Spanish and Venezuelan and I’ve always been up close to these three cultures, celebrating them with my family and their traditions. My family is essential to me, we’re very close and I miss them every day.

I’m really excited about this opportunity with Lemonade International and I hope to be a lot help!

What inspired you to work with Lemonade International? I grew up attending a Catholic school. We always had service opportunities and activities. Also, my school supports financially another school that is located in the most dangerous slum in Caracas, called Petare. We were always involved with the children of this school, either playing with them, doing fun activities with them, or by contributing food for their meals. Service and the value of helping others has always been very big in my life, and because of that I wanted to continue doing so here in Raleigh.

Why did you choose to attend NC State? Well, I’m from Venezuela so one of the reasons was that my parents wanted me to stay on the east coast. Also, the political situation in my country is very unstable and it is actually a very dangerous place. I started researching good schools for Engineering and I ended up liking and applying to 7 of them. Then, I started doing even more research on each of these schools and when I entered NCSU’s page, I just knew I wanted to study there. The feeling, the good vibes, the people. Everything about it felt right for me.

What do you like most about Raleigh? That it’s so different from Caracas, Venezuela! I used to live in this really big, chaotic city and to be up close with a smaller city like Raleigh is just perfect. I get to live the college experience to its fullest, and get the best of both worlds!

What is your favorite food? Sushi. Oh! And chocolate. I’m such a chocaholic.

What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time? I absolutely love to dance. I danced ballet for about 8 years, then I started dancing the beautiful Spanish Flamenco for about 9 years, and I tried Jazz dancing for 2. Also, I’m half Cuban so dancing is practically in my veins! I also like to go out with my friends and get to know new places.

What are your favorite movies? Gone with the Wind is my all-time favorite. I also really like Braveheart and Life is Beautiful.

What is your favorite music? I love music in all its forms. But, I’m a huge fan of John Mayer,
Maroon 5 and Juan Luis Guerra (from Dominican Republic).


Hi, I’m Lindsay Roth and I am attending the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University, majoring in business administration with a minor in Spanish.

I’m originally from the Asheville, North Carolina area. I love the mountains, the outdoors, and just being with friends and family. I love to engage in activities and new opportunities. I’m passionate about learning and helping others.

I’m a member of the NC State marching band in the color guard. I’ve been invited to participate in Leadership in Action, a leadership program on campus. I serve as the Marketing Secretary of the Campus Art Council and I’m also a member of the choir at the Catholic Church on campus.

I am currently in my fifth year of Spanish and I have a passion for the language and I love to do whatever I can to expand my language skills and invest them to help others.

What inspired you to work with Lemonade International? At first, Lemonade International was an internship that interested me because of its need for spanish-speaking applicants. However, as I looked into the organization more, its purpose and history, the interest deepened within me. My interest then went beyond wanting to improve my spanish skills; I wanted to be part of this amazing cause. I love everything Lemonade International does for the children living in La Limonada. Giving kids an education is so important to their lives and their future. It feels incredible to be helping out in this process!

Why did you choose to attend NC State? I chose NC State because of its known reputation as a prestigious public university. When I visited in the fall of my senior year in high school, I felt the pride of the wolfpack, and I loved the way people interacted on campus.

What do you like most about Raleigh? What I like most about Raleigh is the abundance of opportunity that surrounds me here. Anytime I feel like going to a big event, or a fun gathering, all I have to do is look online for things happening in the city and I always find something! I enjoy the festivals and concerts, and also all the volunteer/service opportunities here.

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is sushi. As I grew up, my family and I traveled to the New Jersey shore in the summer to visit my extended family. On those trips all the men would go on a 2-day fishing trip on my grandfather’s boat, and would come home with huge tuna that we would cut up and eat raw that same day. My dad and I often bond over a sushi dinner at a Japanese restaurant. It’s something I grew up with and now something I love.

What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time? I enjoy listening to music and dancing, spending time with friends, catching up over the phone with family or my boyfriend, knitting, crafting, volunteering, or just relaxing and looking into myself and how my life is going.

What are your favorite movies? My favorite movies are Shawshank Redemption, The Holiday, Love Actually, Inception, and My Cousin Vinny. These encompass all the great themes in movies: revenge, deep meaning, love, romance, the abstract, and classic comedy.

What is your favorite music? Red Hot Chili Peppers, Brett Dennen, Jack Johnson, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, Donovan Frankenreiter, and the Ting Tings. I love easy listening, beach rock, 90’s music, and also enjoy listening to Spanish folk music artists like Juanes and Mana.

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