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Introducing Hubert Bendfeldt Vasquez – Our New Community Development Director

We’re excited to announce that beginning in January, Hubert Bendfeldt Vasquez will join the Guatemala Team and serve as the full-time community development director. Hubert’s primary role will be to identify and develop leaders in the La Limonada community and to work with them to implement community empowerment programs that meet the most urgent needs of the community and lead to community transformation.

Hubert was born and raised in Guatemala City. Following his graduation from Verbo Christian school, he studied in Germany for three months and traveled in the US for three months. He then enrolled in USAC (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala), to pursue his degree in Industrial Engineering.

During his fourth year in college, he took a semester off to serve with the Guatemala team with the “muchachos” who were part of the carpentry workshop. He also traveled in the US to help promote the film, Reparando, which featured Tita and Shorty and their work in La Limonada.

While in college, Hubert completed an internship with Pepsi Guatemala, working in project evaluation and development. He recently finished his classes for his industrial engineering degree and is currently working on his thesis to prepare for graduation in June 2012.

Hubert is passionate about YHVH (God), and about being one of the threads in the complex fabric that He is creating. He longs for righteousness and justice and he’s inspired by and passionate for the last, the least and the lost.

We’re looking forward to starting the year off with a more intentional focus on community development in La Limonada and to what God will do through Hubert as he serves the people of the community.

From Hubert:

It’s hard for me to describe how I feel about this opportunity, I’m thankful to God because I know this speaks directly about the direction my life is taking, nevertheless it’s very clear in my mind that this is not for me. The main idea in all of this is to help the last, the least and the lost, and the fact that I can now be fully involved with this community, is something that brings a lot of excitement and hope to my life.

From the little time I started volunteering in “La Limonada”, I came to understand how important is for Guatemalans to wake up and to be part of the Kingdom, in really doing what we’re supposed to do as believers. When I met Tita and Shorty trough working with Athentikos and Reparando, I couldn’t ignore how tangible and real the needs are in my country, and how committed they were to make a difference. The sad part is that most Guatemalans (including myself at that time) are oblivious to our reality or we simply decide to ignore it.

I believe that trough the work that Lemonade International is doing, we can wake more Guatemalans up, so more people can be part of the work that’s already being done. I’m excited to now be an official collaborator with this beautiful community that inspires me and others, to constantly work with those who are forgotten in the name of the One who rescued us first.

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