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Introducing… 50 States In 50 Days

50 states. 50 days.
Lemonade International currently has donors in 23 states who provide ongoing monthly support to our work to “educate and empower children in the largest urban slum in Central America”.
Accomplishing that in less than two years is something to celebrate, but for those of you who have personally been a guest in La Limonada, you know that there is so much more that can be done for the children and families in the community.
With the expansion of ministry that includes two schools with more than 350 children, a church community and a carpentry workshop for gang members – the budget has increased significantly and we have set a high goal to help meet and even exceed what is currently needed.
At this time there are 27 states in the US where no one provides monthly support to the work in La Limonada. We want to broaden our base of support, meet the current budget needs… and create a surplus that can be applied to establishing a “Rescue House” that provides a loving home for children in crisis and those who have been orphaned or abandoned.
As a committed Lemonade International supporter, we are looking for your help in the 50 States in 50 Days Campaign. We wouldn’t have gotten where we are now without you sharing with family members, friends, coworkers, and fellow church members about the work in La Limonada. We are asking that you to continue to do so. You are among those helping to fight poverty in the ghetto of La Limonada, and part of that fight is to spread the word.
The 50 States in 50 Days Campaign officially begins on Wednesday, February 15, but we are letting you know now so you can begin to think of ways you can get the word out to as many people as possible and encourage them to be a monthly supporter through one of three programs:
  • Sponsor A Teacher: $50 a month to help provide one of the teachers with a fair wage
  • Sponsor A Child: $35 a month provides sponsorship of a child at one of the two schools in La Limonada.
  • TEN2END: $10 a month to help end poverty, injustice, hunger, hopelessness and despair in La Limonada.
50 states in 50 days. Get ready to start spreading the word. Beginning February 17.
It can’t be done without you.

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