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If Only I Could Put Into Words…

If only I could put it into words
My heart is broken, so broken
A child has opened his heart about his sexual desires
persistent, severe and extreme in some senses
In the incredible conversation, so honest from his side
So much crying because I couldn’t bear it anymore, and I don’t know what to do anymore.
He told me what his brother had done with him.
not only things that are for a marriage
but instead things that are done for a man and a woman
A boy that looks at other girls and boys with sexual desire
now he doesn’t look at them like children who he can play with
Oh, my heart is completely lost and hurting
I pray, I talk to God, I ask things to Him…
… but there is a deep and silencing pain that I would really like to scream
and it’s while these things pass, probably,
in our own house, family, or neighborhood
the churches fight about
if you should use skirt or pants
if you should clap or don’t clap
the music…speaking in tongues… etc.
When God Himself has made a Body
and he has given us the ministry of reconciliation
While the children are abused…
while someone breaks into their pure and beautiful innocence
we fight over what or who is right
about other things that Satan entertains us with
Therefore my heart is broken for the things that I see day after day
but more because God confides in us to attend to these things
and we’re not doing it
He has equipped us
-Written by Tita Evertsz, translated by Rebecca Gant

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