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How We See La Limonada…

This past November, several of our team members were together for a workshop with Joel Van Dyke and the people of Estrategia de Transformación. During the workshop, Joel said, “The way we see a place determines our behavior toward that place.”

So many have dedicated their lives to serve the people of La Limonada. This is how some of them see La Limonada:

“Eighteen years ago I saw La Limonada as a place that God wished to serve, help, and bless. Today, after having been there all these years, I can say it is a place where the abounding grace of God is poured continuously over a people who are suffering the consequences of ignorance, denial and contempt. It is also a place where my heart has been hurt but also healed. It is a place where I feel very close to God, more than any other place.” – Tita Evertsz

“I see La Limonada as a place with boundless opportunity to pour out the love that God is overflowing within me. It is beautiful!” – Tina Breshears

“A place full of people who need another chance…. those who where forgotten, but are seen and known by God, and we’re trying to follow His example.” – Hubert Bendfeldt Vásquez

“Beauty. Brokenness. Hope. Change.” – Leah Craver

“I see La Limonada as a place that God sees perfectly, to give life to people through the schools. And to see the power that God has to give life to others.” – Ingrid Alonzo

“I see it like the light in a lighthouse for many people that come to visit us. It’s a place where God focuses his eyes and his love and he has never left us. He continues to be faithful.” – Miarita de Ramos

“A place filled with so much need, but at the same time so full of love.” – Leonor Sandigo

“I see La Limonada as a place God has looked down upon to do his work through us.” – Gladiz Garcia

“I see La Limonada like a place where God’s love is reflected. It’s a place where people continue forward in life – it doesn’t matter their conditions. There are many who work hard to overcome. I grew up there and it’s very important.” – Yaneth

“La Limonada is the only place I’ve known of where you can reach out and touch the face of God. His presence is absolutely necessary. In La Limonada, God is amplified.” – Rebecca Gant

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