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“How Do My Kids Get a Padrina?”

Leaving La Limonada is always an emotional experience. After all that happens in the days while we are there… our hearts and minds are racing… trying to process it all… and dreaming of how we can do more for the community.

At Lemonade International we have committed to make child sponsorship our top priority for at least our first year of existence. And while we rejoice over the fact that almost 70 children have been sponsored in the three months since we officially began matching sponsors with children, there are still about 200 children that need sponsors.

When we were walking out of La Limonada with Tita on this last trip, a mother stopped her and began to talk to her. Tita told us that the lady was asking, “How do my kids get a ‘Padrina’ (godparent/sponsor)?”. She said she had four children and none of them had a sponsor yet. We encouraged her to pray that God would put it on the hearts of people here in the States to sponsor her children. As we walked away she told Tita, “We are going home and we are going to start praying for that today”.

These families are all about relationships. They are not so concerned about the monthly donation that supports La Escuelita. Their hearts are filled with joy that there is someone here in the States that is praying for them, thinking about them, and sending them cards, notes and gifts.

Kids like Reina are grateful for “padrinas” like Ron and Mary Voss, who have been married for 45 years and have 4 children and 9 grandchildren (ages 2-23). Two of their grandchildren know Spanish and are excited to translate the letter that Reina has written back to them.

Would you consider joining people like the Vosses by sponsoring a child today?

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