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Featured Partner: House Churches Can Do Great Things Too – Ordinary Community

We have found that relational connections have provided the most meaningful, rewarding and significant partnerships we have been honored to facilitate between people here in the US and the people of La Limonada.

Such is the case with Chris Marshall and Ordinary Community. Chris was Rebecca Gant’s (the Lemonade Int’l Sponsorship Coordinator who serves in Guatemala) high school teacher and had a significant impact in her spiritual formation. Chris now leads Ordinary Community – a missional community in the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH that is “seeking to live out an old faith in a new world”.

Rebecca visited with Ordinary Community last year during her Christmas break before returning to Guatemala for this year and the people of the community have responded with a heart of love in action for the people of La Limonada. They have supported Rebecca, they have gathered with others in the Cincinnati area to join in solidarity with the La Limonada community, and they have given generously.

What I love most about Chris and Ordinary Community is that they understand that they need the people of La Limonada as much (if not more) than the people of La Limonada need them.

In response to the current needs we have, Ordinary Community committed to sending $2,000 to support the Safe Home. They are also exploring how they might give on a regular basis.

Church communities with hundreds or even thousands of people have the ability to do great things in the world with their collective resources. House churches of 10-20 people have the same ability. Ordinary Community is proof of that.

In a recent note from Chris, his closing words were, “We’re not okay if there are kids who aren’t safe. We want in. Our ghettos need each other.”

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