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Honor Teachers This Christmas


All of us have had teachers who made a difference in our lives. We can point back to their special concern and commitment to our success as pivotal factors in shaping who we have become. Whether through a single word of encouragement or a pattern of faithful support, teachers have the power to change students’ lives.

The teachers and staff members who give their lives to serve the children at the schools in La Limonada make an average of $9 a day. With a gift of $250 or more you can help provide the teachers with a fair wage for the month of December.

Your support will honor people like Gladis, who serves as the director of our academies. While raising two children with her husband Willy, Gladis has dedicated herself to providing excellent leadership and ensuring administrative tasks are covered. Managing the teachers, schedules, daily meals, team visits, and other details, she is responsible for maintaining high standards of excellence in our academies. Her love for these students and her commitment to their future well being extends to Friday evenings, when the children are welcomed into her home for house church.

Gifts of any amount will be a tremendous help in reaching our year-end fundraising goal of $15,000 for teacher’s salaries.


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