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Help End Hunger for a Child in La Limonada

Through The May Campaign you can provide monthly support for our programs in La Limonada by making a commitment to give TEN DOLLARS a month – through TEN2END – our campaign to end hunger for children living in the largest urban slum in Central America.

Would you be one of 50 people who will give $10 a month? By doing so you will help to provide 11 healthy meals per month for a child in one of the schools in La Limonada. That’s less than $1 per meal. TEN DOLLARS can help change a child’s life.

If you’re already a partner of Lemonade International, would you help spread the word by posting the following on Facebook and Twitter:

FACEBOOK: For $10 per month you can become a member of TEN2END – providing meals for a child in La Limonada through Lemonade International. Will you be one of the 50 new members to join us in ending hunger? https://lemonadeinternational.org/seasonal-projects/join-ten2end/

TWITTER: For $10 a month you can help end hunger for a child in La Limonada. Be one of 50 to join @lemonadeintl’s TEN2END. https://lemonadeinternational.org/seasonal-projects/join-ten2end/

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