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How Child Sponsorship Changed My Life [Guest Post – Part 1]

The following post is from Lindsay Stevenson and it has been reposted from her blog, Little House Big World. Lindsay and her family sponsor Misael, one of the students who is enrolled in one of our academies in La Limoanda. Lindsay’s husband, Luke, recently returned from one of our short-term trip with their church, Ekklesia in Raleigh, NC.

We know that sponsoring a child has the power to change his/her life by providing education, food, and basic needs. The relationship that is formed through child sponsorship also has the power to change the life of the sponsor as well. This has been the case for our family.

My husband recently visited Guatemala City where he worked with Lemonade International. In the heart of Guatemala City is one of the largest urban slums in South America, La Limonada. This the home of our sponsor child, Misael.

Here is an account from my husband, Luke, on meeting Misael:

Day one in La Limonada will be a day that I will never forget. I got to meet our sponsor child, Misael. He was in the first class we visited. He sat there among the other students and I knew it was him, but I couldn’t contain my emotions. I had to look away. Seeing Misael was turning into a humbling encounter with God. I turned towards him and realized that our host, Rebecca, was knelt down beside him pointing towards me; she was telling him who I was. We made eye contact; his gaze became fixed on me and mine on him. He got up from his seat and came to me, and we hugged. The tears continuing to flow, I picked up him and held him close to my face. I walked him back to his seat and we sat and did the craft together. I made my attempts to communicate in Spanish, but without any words being exchanged he just rested his left arm on my right leg. No words required. The moment transcended the barrier of language. Cuddling is universal. We connected with each other and with God.

It has been a joy to see our lives physically intersect with Misael’s. To meet his family, see his community, and talk to him face to face was the highlight of Luke’s trip. One that he has been able to share with our children and me.

Sponsoring a child through a respectable and trustworthy organization, like Lemonade International, is not only life giving, it can also be life changing for you and your family.

What I love about Lemonade International is the way they foster these relationships between the children and the sponsor. They work hard to ensure that the children’s needs are met and that you are kept in the loop. They often post pictures on Facebook and use their blog to share community news. Because they are committed to just one community, you get a sense of intimacy that isn’t always there with larger organizations.

Another thing that I love about Lemonade is that if you are not able to fully fund a sponsorship, you can choose to do a shared sponsorship. If you’ve ever felt that you can’t afford a sponsorship, this may be a great fit for your budget.

If you currently sponsor a child through any organization, that’s awesome. If not and you would like to, please look into Lemonade International and see the work they are doing for the community in La Limonada. It’s a beautiful thing!

I’ll be sharing soon on ways you can make the relationship between you and your sponsor child more meaningful.

If you sponsor a child, in what ways has it added to your life, or how has it changed your life?

– Lindsay Stevenson

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