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Guest Blogger: Bethany Streng

{Bethany Streng, a friend from PA and sponsor of Dulce is here in La Limonada for the week. Here are her words from her experience so far…}

“Dulce held my hand on the walk through the ghetto, stopping and waiting very patiently as I paused to take photos of the sights on the way. She quietly rattled on a few times, which I mostly didn’t understand, so I just smiled and nodded. We stopped at a black gate on the walkway. Dulce opened the latch and walked through, letting her tiny hand run on the solid concrete walls of the house next door. Up another small walkway and we were at the door of her house. She knocked timidly and waited for it to be opened. Her mother opened the door with an enormous smile and a greeting of “buenos dias!”

I had the enormous opportunity of making the trip down to Guatemala and La Limonada to meet my sponsored child, Dulce. I have sponsored children in Africa through another humanitarian organization, but when Lemonade International was started by people close to my heart, I knew it was an incredible opportunity to be able to help in a community of need where my friends had visited and spent time.

La Limonada is such a desperate place. Desperate for light, for hope, for some kind of sign that there are better things to come. The two schools in La Limonada are beacons of light in that dark, despondent place. The look on the faces of the children each day is incredible. They are so full of joy, of hope, of trust for good things in the future. It is simply amazing. They love to love and to be loved. That is so evident in each small face.

I was able to spend about an hour with Dulce and her parents. The time was nothing short of delightful; hugs, kisses, smiles. I attempted to converse with them in my very limited Spanish, but most of our discourse was translated. Somehow, even with the language barrier, I felt as if we understood each other. Maybe not the words directly, but the emotion and the meaning behind it was clear.

Before we ended the visit, I had the greatest honor of my trip so far: I was able to pray for the family. Standing in the kitchen, laying hands on Dulce and speaking the love of Christ over the family was phenomenal. It was evident that this family relied completely on God to get through every day by their response to the prayer. I am so incredibly blessed to be able to experience that kind of bond with a family to which I have a unique tie.

As we all hugged goodbye, Dulce’s parents asked when I was coming back again to visit. They said that I was welcome in their home any time with open arms.”

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow. — Orison Marden.

Check out Bethany’s blog – www.bethanystreng.blogspot.com
and follow more of her experience in La Limonada.

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