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Guatemala’s Independence Day – September 15th

Loving each other involves investing time in their lives and trying to understand them. It’s an endless process that has us learning every single day. This Saturday, the 15th of September, is the Independence Day for Guatemala and four other Central American countries. It was on the 15th of September that Guatemala finally released the stronghold of Spain over their country and claimed independence for themselves after over three hundred years of tyranny.

While millions of Guatemalans will celebrate freedom this Saturday, it could also be an excuse for a mini-celebration in your own home! Join in solidarity with the team here in Guatemala as we also celebrate Independence Day. It could be a great learning experience for your children as well.

– Just like in the States, independence celebrations are nearly synonymous with fireworks. As I write this the weekend firework celebration has already begun with various bursts lasting for as long as three minutes. Get some neighborhood kids together with sparklers and flags to celebrate!

– For those that have been to Guatemala already, you’ve almost definitely tried a chocolate covered banana known as “Choco-Bananos.” The semi-healthy snack is delicious and easy to make! Just freeze bananas with a popsicle stick attached, then dip into melted chocolate. So good. Try pineapples or strawberries, too!

– Your family can write to the child you sponsor. You could explain that your interest in the Guatemalan Independence Day is because of your love for them and their family. You can share a little bit about what Independence Day looks like in the states and ask for more details about their September 15th celebration.

– Pray for continued independence in the lives of the people in La Limonada. Independence as a community, from the oppression that others place onto the neighborhood. Independence from an abusive relationship or a long-term burden. Independence from the strongholds of this world and into the freeing arms of Christ.

But more than anything please keep our friends and family in your thoughts and prayers this weekend as they continue to be liberated from all sorts of oppression. Share with your own friends and family about the amazing work being done in La Limonada and the freedom that maybe you’ve found by being involved.

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