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Guatemalan Inmates Kill Teacher

An article appeared on the website of the News & Observer newspaper here in Raleigh today describing the violent killing of a teacher at a Guatemalan juvenile prison.

On Tuesday a riot broke out among the inmates as they protested the transfer of fellow inmates to another facility.

Prior to the police gaining control of the riot, the inmates killed an mutilated one of their teachers.
Friends of ours, including Leah, have visited with inmates in the Guatemalan prisons and have said that the people they have visited are sincere young men who have been swept into a life of violence and in most cases it is all they know.

The work we are involved with in La Limonada is all about prevention. We are reaching children while they are young and investing in their lives. They need to know that God has a plan for their lives and that there is hope for their future.

We cannot give up hope on those who are already in prison or already involved in gangs, but incidents like this serve as a reminder of how important it is that the at-risk children of La Limonada need to be reached with God’s love now.

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