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Guatemala Adoptions To Resume in June

After almost three years of closed doors and stalled adoptions that have left families all over the world waiting for their children to come home, it looks like adoptions from Guatemala will resume on a limited basis beginning in June.

As stated by journalist, Juan Carlos Llorca, in an AP article last week, “Authorities suspended adoptions after discovering evidence some babies had been stolen, others had fake birth certificates, and women were being coerced to give up their children.” Prior to the adoption doors being shut in Guatemala, the country ranked second in the world only to China in adoptions placed with foreign families.

Having been a parent that was in the Guatemala adoption process prior to adopting our daughter from Nepal three years ago, I can relate to a small degree to the parents who have been waiting for so long, like Chris Del Vesco Cruz, a mother who began the process of adopting from Guatemala in February 2007 and has been waiting that long for her son, Antonio, to join his new family in their home in Miami. Chris and Antonio’s story is posted in Friday’s Miami Herald.

According to the Guatemalan government, adoptions will begin in June as a pilot program in partnership with four international adoption agencies.

Please pray for the families who are waiting for their children, for the decision makers in Guatemala and especially for the orphaned children who are waiting to be united with loving families.

-Bill Cummings

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