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Growth and Rising Above

It can be hard to not brag a little about the kids at Las Escuelitas. Knowing the backgrounds that the children come from and yet watching them rise above their circumstances is incredible.

Melisa is four years old. She was selected to be the valedictorian for the pre-school graduation at the public school she attends. Both of her parents work, but they still don’t have the money to send Melisa to school. Lemonade International helps pay for her schooling so that she doesn’t have to be alone while her parents are at work. In the few months since she’s been attending school, she can write better than any of the children in her class and has learned to count to one hundred.

Evelyn attends Escuelita Limon while Kevin attends Escuelita Mandarina. There was a school-wide vote in the public schools that they attend to pick a “queen” and “king,” based on criteria such as most well behaved, cleanest language, attendance, attitude and such. Each grade picked representatives that went to a school-wide competition. Several Lemonade International team members attended the competition to support Kevin and Evelyn. When their victory was announced, the team members, along with other Limon and Mandarina students, were their own personal fan club, cheering them on. Both Evelyn and Kevin were thrilled at the recognition for their hard work and achievements.

Even though these stories might seem minor, they are enormous in what they speak about the resilience of these children. Coming from extreme poverty and situations where their opportunities to succeed are limited, they rose above. To watch them succeed is an incredible thing to behold.

-Written by Bethany Streng- Volunteer Blogger

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