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Gratitud – Thankfulness

Tita and I were talking the other day about all that needs to be done to complete the renovations on Escuelita Mandarina.

Later that day, she called me back and said, “Bill, we have so much to be thankful for! Even if nothing else is done on the building, God has used people to bless us with so much that we would never have.”

The next day, she followed up with this message that she wanted to share to express “Gratitud” (Spanish for gratitude or thankfulness)…

Today, while I see all the kids walking in to have a good nutritious meal and a good portion of love and care, I thought of how thankful I am for all that God has blessed us with.

  • I was watching “Mishita”, who is 2 years old, (I see her in the morning shift also being so loved) walking in… my heart was just full of thankfulness…
  • We have a place for them (What will be if we were not there!!) It is truly an Oasis for so many! With an awesome team that serve each day with love, care and so much effort (risking they lives some times).
  • The team in the States (Bill, Cherie, Donnie) that have being sacrificing so much in silence.
  • The missionaries that comes leaving behind so much comfort, security, family, boyfriend, culture, etc…
  • We have a fridge full of nutritious food for a whole month.
  • We have dishes also.
  • The workers trying to finish what can be the last for now.
  • Having nice windows.
  • Some of the team screaming because we have a huge rat and some are running after the rat trying to kill her (that one was so funny.
  • Priscilla, the Psychologist, attending all ages.
  • Kids running, learning, crying, just having a brake from what it is just so unfair for them.
  • This couple making the mural for the little ones classroom with such awesome heart like all the teams that have come and serve here.

GOD IS HERE!!!!!!!!

I just want to give thanks to each one that had made the effort to put a seed in this community, each thing have made a BIG difference!! Probably we have no idea how much!!

There is so much to give thanks for! 🙂

This list will probably never end…Check out this video of the children from Escuelita Mandarina as they arrive for school. It’s a beautiful thing to see the joy on their faces as they are welcomed with love by Tita and the teachers who have given their lives to serve them.

Thanks to all of you who have been so instrumental in helping make all of this possible!

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