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A “God-incidence”, according to Tita, is when circumstances appear to be coincidental, but where God is really at work. It’s an expression I’ve heard her use several times, and I can say that it truly is amazing to see how God works… even in all the little things.

Last week we had a group from Sacramento, CA here for 2 days. Carolyn, one of the women with the group, has been sponsoring a young girl named Sarai and was looking forward to meeting her. One afternoon, we were able to introduce Carolyn to Sarai in her classroom. Later we went to Sarai’s home so Carolyn could meet her family. As we entered the house, there was a man sleeping on a bed. Tita recognized him as a man whom we constantly see in the street. When we see him he is usually drinking and sniffing glue and oblivious to the world around him.

We learned from Sarai’s grandmother that this man started doing drugs at the age of 15 and has continued doing so for 20 years. The family allowed us to pray for him. We are looking forward to all that God is going to do in his life. He has a 13 year old daughter who will now start coming to our school as well.

It was such a powerful moment for all involved. For Carolyn to have the opportunity to meet the girl she sponsors, to meet her family, and to now have a personality to go with the letters and pictures. For Sarai to meet the woman who sends her letters and prays for her and her family. For us, to have the privilege of watching Sarai and Carolyn meet and to spend time with the family, seeing the pain in the grandmother’s eyes as she talked about her son, and to know his daughter now has the opportunity to come to our school.

As Tita said “This is what happens when someone sponsors a child. Every letter, every visit, everything brings help to all of us. It was a divine appointment. So many things that are important for eternity happened when Carolyn met Sarai.” It was really amazing to see how God had worked everything together. It truly was a God-incidence.

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