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Giving Tuesday – Celebrating Generosity


Giving Tuesday is an emerging global movement that provides an alternative to simply being swallowed up in our desires for more and more stuff—a very real temptation this time of year. It’s a way of celebrating the great tradition of generosity, while letting your friends and family know how they too can give.

Chances are good that the majority of those reading this already give generously to the work of breaking the cycle of poverty and injustice in La Limonada. Perhaps you have sponsored a child or a teacher, or maybe you’re one of the many who have helped to make Christmas possible for those we serve. You may have even visited the community as part of a short-term group, or given your time or skills to support the cause in other ways.

So this Giving Tuesday, we want to thank you for your generosity. And we invite you to share stories of what giving has meant to you. Jesus taught that it is more blessed to give than to receive. How have you experienced that to be true?

However you choose to do it—through Facebook, Twitter, or over a good old-fashioned cup of coffee—we encourage you to take a moment today to let your friends and family know how you have been blessed by giving to others.


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