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Give Christmas To Children & Teachers In La Limonada

Christmas is an incredible time of year for most of us here in the US. For so many children and families in La Limonada there is no Christmas to speak of.

For those of us who have been blessed with so much we have a great opportunity to Give Christmas to the children and teachers in La Limonada – through practical gifts that will help to provide education and opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty and injustice.

This year our goal is to raise a total of $74,000 to provide shoes for 350 children, salaries for than 40 staff members and and scholarships for 68 students.

You can help make this possible by giving one or more of these gifts today.



Shoes are essential for children who live in extreme poverty to attend school and receive a quality education. With a gift of $50 or more you can provide children from La Limonada with good quality shoes that will last for the entire school year. José Antonio is one of the students who will be receiving shoes…



The teachers and staff members at the schools in La Limonada make an average of $8 a day. With a gift of $100 or more you can help provide the teachers with a fair wage for the month of December. Miarita is one of the teachers who invests her life in the children of La Limonada…



Education is vital for children to escape a cycle of poverty. With a gift of $250 or more you can help to provide 68 students from La Limonada with scholarships to quality private schools in Guatemala City. Fifteen year old Wanda is one of the students who will benefit tremendously from a scholarship…


We are grateful to partner with you to provide these needed gifts to educate and empower the children and staff members in La Limonada.

Thanks for your generosity this Christmas season!


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