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Fuego Volcano Eruption Update

With the volcano eruptions yesterday we have received some concerned inquiries about Guatemala, the safety of the staff there, and future trips. First and foremost, everyone on staff is safe. Thankfully, there is no team in Guatemala this week.

The “Fuego” volcano that erupted yesterday is about 20 miles from Guatemala City.  Sadly at least 25 people were killed, and many were injured. Due to the smoke and ash in the air the Aurora International Airport – the one we use in Guatemala City – was closed as a precaution. Thousands of people were evacuated from the surrounding rural areas, and Antigua was affected, too. Although there have been smaller eruptions since, only a little ash has reached Guatemala City.  

The airport reopened this morning, and the city is safe. There is no reason to believe that this will affect any Lemonade International teams traveling in the near future, but we are in close communications with our team on the ground, monitoring the weather and travel conditions around the airport, La Limonada, the Lemonade House, and the roads outside the city for any planned excursions. Safety is our top priority.

Please pray for families in the campo who have lost loved ones, homes, farms, and businesses. The losses are catastrophic.

Here are a few links with more details:

Thanks for your continued prayers for the country and community we all love so dearly.  

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