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Former La Limonada Resident From California Buys LI T-Shirts Online

Recently, we received an order of three t-shirts from a young lady from California. When we sent her an email about her order she said,

“I really want the three t-shirts because my family and I came from La Limonada, and we really want to help such a great organization!”

Then in another email she said,

“I grew up at la Limonada, but I was blessed that my parents could send me to school, and I got the opportunity to work and find a good life! That’s way I love what you guys are doing because I know what it means to have support and love in your life!”

We are continually amazed by the connections that are made between La Limonada and the US (and the world). This is one of those very special ones.

If you would like to join this young lady from California by buying a t-shirt to support our work… check out our online store.

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