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For Those Not Standing [Reposted from Katie Høiland’s Blog]

The following is reposted from Katie Høiland’s blog. Katie and her husband, Tim, were part of our 2013 Bloggers Trip last month.

Tomorrow we celebrate Mother’s Day. Many of us, filled with gratitude, honor the love, sacrifices and prayers of our moms. For many others this day brings grief, longing and inescapable reminder of what they do not have. I think about my friends who have lost their moms far too early, others who have faced miscarriages if they were able to get pregnant at all and those who have painful memories of a mom who was not there for them.

We rejoice with those who rejoice. And we mourn with those who mourn. (Romans 12:15)

For those whose hearts rip as their newsfeeds fill with pictures of Mother’s Day bouquets and gifts. For those who stay seated at church as everyone who is a mother is asked to stand and be honored. For those seeking to honor the mothers around them even while the salt grinds into their hopes deferred.

I mourn with you.

I also mourn with the mothers living in the largest slum in Guatemala. Mothers who watch their children being abused and are helpless to stop it. Who leave their children alone from early until late to earn enough for one meal a day. Mothers who pray earnestly for their child to beat the statistics of gang violence dominating the slum they have no way of escaping. Mothers who want a better life for their children without access to make that possible.

While visiting La Limonada, we met many mothers. Pictured here is Ana (I briefly told her story here), one whose intensity of both pain and love for her children was staggering. She was desperate to see her daughter go to high school but unable to afford it. Her dream was to see her finish the vocational track and have the chance at a good job as a bank teller. Through the scholars program, her mother’s heart has been given the gift of this possibility. Her daughter will attend school if generous sponsors continue to provide the funding.

I mourn the difficulty of life for Ana and her children. And I rejoice in the Mother’s Day gift she has this year in the education of her daughter. As I honor my own incredible mom (and second moms) this weekend, I honor the incredible mother Ana is.


Tim and I were invited to join a Bloggers Team to visit the community of La Limonada with Lemonade International. We spent April 15-17th in the community. I blogged:

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