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Feliz Dia del Niño!

October 1st here in Guatemala, is a BIG deal for kids. It’s “Dia del Niño” (or “Kids Day”) which is equivalent to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate kids.

So we celebrated for sure!!! We took the kids from Limon and Mandarina bowling… and they had such a blast. Most of them have never been bowling before other than with our school so it’s SUCH a big treat for them! To watch them laugh, run, play, dance, and just act like kids for a day outside of their normal life circumstances was such a joy to be a part of.

We even got to take some of the construction workers with us (who have been renovating Escuelita Mandarina for the last 8 months). It was their first time bowling as well and it was so much fun for them! You’re never too old to have fun like a child. You may even get a glimpse of some of the “adults” acting like kids in the photos as well. 🙂

A huge THANK YOU to all who made this day possible for these kids. The bowling, the food, the field trip t-shirts, the finances to make it all happen, and all the presents and books donated to the kids for this special day. They felt very special for sure!!!

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