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Featuring: One Day’s Wages

As an organization we want to help to get the word out about other great groups who are making an impact around the world. So we’d like to introduce you to ODW…

ODW stands for One Day’s Wages – a new non-profit organization just launched in 2009 by Eugene Cho and his wife, Minhee, from Seatttle, WA – who have been an incredible inspiration to me through their dedication and commitment to the work they are doing.

This risk-taking couple was inspired to start ODW after traveling and seeing for themselves the disparity in the world. They are driven by the belief that we have the capacity to end extreme global poverty.

ODW is an international grassroots movement dedicated to ending extreme global poverty. ODW promotes awareness, invites giving, and supports sustainable relief through partnerships, especially with smaller organizations in developing regions. Our vision is to change global issues ofinjustice affecting millions of people, regardless of race, culture, sex, age, or religion.

ODW inspires people around the world to simply donate one day’s wages, or any amount you wish to invest; and to renew that pledge monthly, quarterly or yearly on their birthdays.

Currently, ODW partners with three great organizations making a difference in the world:

Chaity:Water – ODW is raising $25,000 to come alongside a primary aged school in Ethiopia – providing clean safe drinking water for them.

HEAL:Africa – ODW is funding 250 Fresh Start Kits for women recovering from gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Not For Sale – ODW is funding and establishing one border center which includes safe houses, monitoring program, and other support services for girls in danger of being trafficked on the Nepal-India border.

So, when you give to ODW you are making a huge impact in the world by helping to do vital work – like providing people with safe, clean drinking water, providing safety for Congolese women and rescuing young girls from being sold into the commercial sex trade.

You have to check out the amazing work of One Day’s Wages…. and consider giving one of your day’s wages on your birthday this year!

The Movement of One Day’s Wages from One Day’s Wages on Vimeo.

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