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Expanding minds in La Limonada – International Literacy Day

9 - Reading, Learning and Exploring

Today we celebrate International Literacy Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of efforts and progress made to provide every child and adult the opportunity to read, learn, and thrive. Recognizing literacy as key to accessing health, education, income, and opportunity, UNESCO defends it as a basic human right.

In the academies, we want the children to go beyond learning to read simply to complete school assignments.  We want them to enjoy reading! This year, the children of La Limonada have spent the first 15 minutes of class each day selecting the book from the academy library they would most enjoy reading.Reading in La Limonada

The two greatest challenges students face are access to books and reading comprehension.

The teachers in the academies continue to improve the ways they encourage reading and comprehension among the students. They plan to continue 15 minutes of reading next year, while adding an additional 15 minutes for reading comprehension questions, as well as an additional spelling component.

The classrooms currently rely on Spanish-language book donations to grow their little libraries. You can find a few excellent choices posted on our “Books for Limonada” Pinterest board here, or email Katie at katie@lemonadeinternational.flywheelsites.com for more information.

The children in the academies are developing a love for reading, a hunger for learning, and a desire to expand their minds.

What books have most shaped you and your children?

-Katie Hoiland


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