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Education For Wanda

Education is vital for the children of La Limonada to escape a cycle of extreme poverty, gang violence, drug addiction and physical and sexual abuse. In order to break this cycle, our schools provide loving care from teachers who share God’s unconditional love, provide tutoring, gang prevention programs, sexual education, and one-on-one counseling provided by professional psychologists.

In addition to the programs we provide, it is our goal to do whatever possible to ensure that the children we serve in La Limonada attend formal schools for the part of the day that they are not attending our schools. In order to strengthen the education and opportunities for the children we serve, we have identified 68 children from our schools and from the Mi Casita Safe Home for whom we want to provide scholarships for quality private schools in Guatemala City.

With a gift of $250 or more you can help to provide scholarships for 68 high school and college students from La Limonada – just like Wanda Sanchez.


Seventeen year-old Wanda Sanchez is one example of the 68 students for whom we are seeking to provide a scholarship in 2012. She’s been connected to the ministry for years, and attended the Limon school for most of her childhood. Two of her five siblings also attend and her grandmother, Hilda, has been working at the school since it was founded eleven years ago.

For the past four years, Wanda has been able to continue her education through the generosity of our Scholarship program. “Without this scholarship,” Wanda says, “it would be impossible to continue studying at my private school because my mom doesn’t have enough money.” Private schools are virtually the only opportunity to receive a proper education due to over-crowding and poor conditions in the public schools near La Limonada.

Wanda is scheduled to start eleventh grade when the new school year begins in January of 2012, however the only way she will be able to continue her education is by receiving a scholarship. After high school she would like to teach early childhood education with hopes of eventually studying at Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala City.

By giving a gift of $250 or more today you will give the gift of education to students such as Wanda who desperately want to continue their education. The scholarship program covers monthly tuition fees, uniforms, and school supplies.

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