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“E” – Apprentice and Artist

“E” is 18-years-old and was recently released from jail. He is back in La Limonada and has enrolled in the Carpentry Workshop – attending faithfully. He has been working hard on the construction projects and has great potential to be a really good craftsman. The team in Guatemala is so proud of him. He was longing for someone to trust him and to love him unconditionally and he has found that from the team that leads the workshop.

He also has another talent. As you can see in the photos above, he is quite an artist. He learned this craft while he was in jail. The team is working with him and we are praying about ways he can develop a business to sell his works of art in the market in Guatemala or even here in the US.

This summer we are planning on working on a microfinance pilot program with small groups of borrowers in La Limonada and this is a great example of a small business that could get off the ground with a small loan.

Pray for “E” that God will provide opportunities for him to use his talents to earn a fair wage to support himself and to have a sense of value for his life.

– Bill Cummings

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