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Danilo Sponsored By Ohio 8th Grader

We recently received an online donation of $420 for a full year of Child Sponsorship with the following note in the comments box:

My son Ryan took cash in leiu of presents this year for Christmas, and has saved enough to sponsor a child… yippee!!! He would like to sponsor Danilo @ Limón… is that ok, or do you need to pick the child for him. Just let me know.. and thanks for the work you do.. we love you!! – Julie

We asked Julie if we could share more about Ryan, and this is what she provided to us…

“Ryan is a 14 yr old 8th grader from Kings Mills, OH.

He was part of the Rivers Crossing Community Church group from Ohio that went to Guatemala in July of 2009. He was the youngest student on the trip, but has a heart for the Lord beyond his years. Ryan was touched while on the trip to Lalimonada, and talks about it all of the time. He says that people just don’t understand what is going on around the world. He has a strong desire to go back and serve, which we hope to do again soon.

The past couple of Christmas seasons he has opted to forgo presents and has asked for money instead to give to charity. The first year he gave to the needy in our community, this year he took his “presents”, added the extra from his bank account and sponsored a child… This make a mother very proud!”

Ryan, thanks so much for your heart for God and for the people of La Limonada! We are grateful that you will be sponsoring Danilo and helping to provide food, education and love for him though what God is providing at Escuelita Limón.

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