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A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a Lemonade International supporter who spent some time in La Limonada a couple years ago. He let us know that he had some gold coins he would like to cash in and donate to a project we were raising funds for. After talking through this, he decided that the best situation would be to donate the coins and allow us to sell them for the current value.

We took the coins to a local dealer, and walked away with a check for $2,827.04.

I love what this young man said when asked if we could share this story on our blog…

“It is nice that the coins are going to be used for a good purpose. I just see them as pretty rocks (it is the rest of the world that thinks they are worth something). Feel free to post on the blog… Maybe it will encourage others to give up their rock collections as well. :)”

Are there similar ways you could give to help educate and empower children living in the largest urban slum in Central America?

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