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Communidad de Fe – The Church In Action In La Limonada

Last week a group of us converged upon Guatemala City to follow up on a process that began in August of last year when we set out to explore the possibility of establishing a faith community in La Limonada.
Working together with Joel Van Dyke, Director of EdT in Latin America, who leads a network of ministries focused on the hardest places in Guatemala City, we assembled a group of individuals who have been supporting this exploration process over the past five months.
The group included Tita and our Guatemala Team, Joel, Rick Grove and Devin Chance of Life Of Hope in Joplin, MO, Paul Taylor and Jeff Sharp of Rivers Crossing Community Church in Kings Mills, OH, Jon Allis of Vineyard Church Of Campbell County in Newport, KY, Lemonade Int’l board member, Ray Strecker and his wife Carole from Cincinnati, OH, and Erwin “Shorty” Luna from Guatemala City.
We had several meetings over a few days to hear from Tita and Shorty from the five months of exploration and to collaborate together about this “Worshipping Missional Community”. It was a beautiful time of listening, prayer, dialogue and dreaming!
We can summarize our time together by saying that we all realized that “Communidad de Fe” (“Community Of Faith”) had already been organically established in La Limonada and that God was looking for us to continue to be involved where He was already working.
“It amazes me to tangibly see how we all need each other. I see different gifts each one is putting on the table to be used to start this Comunidad de Fe and to continue what God has been doing. The greatest of all this is to feel, give, and receive the awesome love God has given us… and to see each one doing his or her part to bring God’s Kingdom on earth!” – Tita Evertsz
“It’s a privilege and honor to be a part of the work that God is doing in Community de Fe. It’s been amazing to see lives being changed and relationships being built through Shorty, Tita and the Guatemala team. God is truly at work here.” – Leah Craver
“I sense that the partnership being formed for the ‘Community of Faith’ in La Limonada will be more than we are currently dreaming. God is already moving and it will be exciting to follow. I was greatly encouraged by the new friendships made last week.” – Rick Grove
“Our meeting in La Limonada was such a powerful reminder of the connecting power of the Holy Spirit. I had been praying fervently for God to speak clearly through our brief time with Shorty and Tita and the rest of the team in La Limonada. He did speak and I am excited that Rivers Crossing will continue partnering with the community of faith that is spreading the hope of the gospel in Guatemala City.” – Paul Taylor
With “Shorty” continuing to serve as a pastor to the community, “Communidad de Fe” will exist in partnership with the schools in La Limonada and will consist of gatherings in homes throughout La Limonada, Bible study, prayer, discipleship, and will include a special focus placed on the young adults in the neighborhood.
You will be hearing more about Communidad de Fe as an official, ongoing aspect of our work in La Limonada…. and you will be given an opportunity to support this “church on the streets” in the weeks to come!

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