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“Communidad de Fe” – Follow The Blog

As we move forward with our church community “Communidad de Fe” in La Limoanda, we wanted to provide an opportunity for you to follow along.

Dan Hoffman, an intern with Estrategia de Transformación, will be hosting a blog that will be devoted to providing updates on what is happening with the church community. You can follow the blog by clicking on the following link:

Communidad de Fe

Here is an exerpt from Dan’s first post.. followed by some photos of the first “Grupo de Vida” from Leah Craver:

On Thursday afternoon we held our very first “Grupo de Vida” (life group). The goal is to begin these gatherings throughout the community in various homes. Right now there are 3 families that have offered their homes. These will be great opportunities for fellowship, worship, testimonies, and sharing from God’s Word. Many people are excited to be apart of this genuine worshiping community that we are working to establish. God is at work in the lives of the people here and it was great to be able to worship Him together with them.

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